About Us

For CEO David Norris, GroupWorks Isn’t Just a Business — It’s Personal

I grew up in Dallas. I built my first business — a lawn-mowing service — when I was 12. At age 14, I became a professional photographer. While I was in school at the University of Texas at Dallas, I launched my first startup: a “crazy” idea that involved putting credit-card readers at gas-station pumps and grocery-store checkout stands.

Throughout these early efforts…

How We Do It

GroupWorks is a free club management platform. It handles administrative club duties such as communications, dues management and event scheduling simply and easily so group leaders and members can spend more time doing what they love. Thousands of people describe GroupWorks as a game changer that has enhanced member engagement, improved communications and streamlined event management.




Spencer Morgan

Founder and Chief Community Officer

Personal Mantra: Pursue your passions and never give up.

What I Love: I love spending time with my wife and two daughters, and the challenge of continuous personal growth, which includes excelling at an ever growing list of hobbies. Golf and cycling are currently at the top of my list!

David Norris

Chairman and CEO

Words to Live By: Do well by doing good.

What I Love: Cycling, traveling, staying active and staying connected to the people and activities that bring me joy.

Paulo Machado

Head of Business Development

What Motivates Me: Working with an awesome team to improve health and wellbeing.

What I Love: Traveling, new experiences, learning, being in nature, hiking, spending time with family/friends, meeting new people and reading.

Mayrav Saar

VP, Strategic Program Management

Personal Philosophy: It’s just as easy to be kind.

What I Love: My family. Music. Stand-up comedy and laughing loudly enough to get other people to laugh, too.

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